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The small boy mumbles in true northern mumbling style.  He has found his voice and is as chatty as his sister, though not quite as loud.  As yet no one can understand a thing he says.  But the small boy is definitely communicating with a story to tell and questions to ask.  Bilingual babble?  Dutch or English?

In the mornings he and the big girl chatter to each other as they lie in bed and shrieks and giggles come from their room.   The husband and I lie comatosed in bed listening to them and it is lovely to hear so long as it isn’t just when the dawn chorus is beginning.  This morning the big girl took her duvet and collection of favourite toys and camped next to the babe’s cot which took the excitement to a whole new level and along with it a whole new level of noise.


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Things they have said

The big girl:

  1. You. Do. This. NOW.
  2. Daddy’s got a big one.
  3. He should really cook more often.  Daddy can cook, can’t he?  I didn’t know that.

The little boy:

  1. Hiyiyaaaaaa (hello)
  2. mu (most esteemed and loved mother)
  3. duh (father, giver of food and tickles)
They make me smile.

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