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Trolly dolly

The little man and big girl have discovered a great game.  I put the still not remotely crawling babe in the trolley and his sister zooms him round the flat. Both of them yell at the top of their voices and have a whale of a time.  I’m sure trolleys were intended to encourage tots to walk but this seems a great alternative and thus far it hasn’t ended in tears.  I’m waiting though.

We have been beset by illnesses AGAIN – how does this happen so regularly? The big girl was properly ill for about ten days after which myself, the wee man, and the husband followed suit.  My carefully planned Easter break  and lovely bank holidays were spent with most of the household in bed clutching bowls and feeling grim.  Added to all of this we have been house hunting and after interrupted and prolonged happenings I think we’ve done it.  Well the first bit at least, in that we’ve found a house and hopefully on the road to having sold ours … am I tempting fate writing this?  The little man turned one and we celebrated on the beach, much to his approval and vast consumption of an interesting birthday meal of sand and seaweed followed by fish and chips.   The final bit to the madness of the mumblings household is that I survived my return to work, dull though it is.  In summary I think we need a holiday.


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