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Things they have said

Big girl: ‘Help, they’re falling on my head’.  The fire works that is!

Small boy: ‘Shhh’ & ‘down’ to the dog.  His very first words after mum, dad and ‘row’ (for row row row your boat obviously).  Oh and ‘dag’ a dutch bye bye.  Truly a bilingual boy and dog whisperer.


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ET take two

The little man today farted loudly while sitting at breakfast.  As quick as a flash he gave an enormous smirk and then pointed straight at me, giggling hysterically.  Definitely like his father then, passing the windy blame.

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The little man’s favourite game is to point his index finger at you and babble hysterically until you touch your index finger to his in a very ET go home kind of style.  After that moment he whips his finger away and giggles madly.   Hours of endless fun.

The big girl is into sports day.  She watched a Charlie and Lola all about sports day and she is now practising the egg and spoon race repeatedly.  Roll on sports day

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Me and the two offspring, headed down Cornwall wards to visit family for half term – highlights were seeing an autumn lamb, bike riding and of course ice cream.  We visited a lovely old house and park which is fairly local to my parents.   The fresh air, family time and break away made  it worth even the torcherous  journey down.   Delays and a tetchy wee man resulted in an uber temper tantrum on the floor of airport cafe.  Him, not me, you understand though I did feel like joining him.  The trip back though still delayed was oddly much better, despite the 5.30 am start.

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Thinly spread

I popped into work for a preliminary mooch before the actual event in May – yes, next month, a looong way off – and actually felt better about the whole thing.  I don’t have my own project and in fact am going to be working on four other projects.  I have been really grumpy about the whole thing and kind of felt I was treading water, getting deskilled, missing the fun of running my own project – the best bit about work, the bit where you can inject that spark of you and, I freely admit, I am a total control freak and slight perfectionist. 

But, after I had the big girl, I ran my own project and when the rush was on it was a complete nightmare managing home and work.  I had a rubbish time health wise with a miscarriage and just general grimness and asked at work to take a step back.  Initially I loathed it and thought I had made the biggest mistake ever.  And in terms of job satisfaction and the love of the job that I had it was a huge step backwards and I know can do so much more, so much better.  I grumped that it was me that had to sacrifice job satisfaction not the husband.  But, and here is the crux of it all, it made my life at home with the big girl and now the small boy so much better.  I wasn’t so tired, stressed and just plain thinly spread.

And so I am going back to work, with colleagues I really like, doing something I can do standing on my head.  The feminist in me shudders as I think that one day I might just get an equivalent to my old job back, when I can manage home and work.

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The small boy is on the move.  Nope, not crawling but a very determined, purposeful bum shuffle.  While at the moment he favours the snail pace, over the last couple of days he has upped his speed especially when tempted with his toy of choice – the electric cable, any variety, he’s not fussy.  When getting ready for bed one of small boy’s favourite games is blowing reciprocal raspberries and he loves having his feet kissed and raspberried.  These little feet are growing apace and soon won’t be cutely curling baby toes. 

Big girl’s feet were measured recently and to my shame were a whole two sizes too big for her shoes.  Oops.  The new shoes lasted in a pristine state for all of an afternoon.

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Beach heaven

I love our beach.  A mile or so of waves, water and sand.  How much happier could a young child be?  Further round the coast is a lighthouse island attached to the mainland with a causeway and rock pools.  What ever the weather we go there and the big girl has a great time while the small boy sits in the backpack looking enthusiastic.  We even went one lovely cold Christmas when the sand was frozen and yes it was more than a wee bit chilly.

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