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Sunny day

I should be sorting stuff out for tomorrow’s work but here I am with a steaming mug of tea looking through the window out into the garden on a sunny day.  The washing is on the line, the wee man is asleep in the pram and the newly acquired puppy is, in turn, asleep between the wheels of the pram.  The big girl has gone off to school happily and full of enthusiasm.  The husband has got through a manic time at work in one piece.  I am still relatively sane.

Life is good in many small ways.


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Oops, was it really July I last wrote.

In excuse, among many other things, we were about to move about four times over the summer – the perils of being caught between a buyer desperate to buy and a seller doing bugger all to sell and changing her mind on multiple occasions.  But move we did, last Friday.  We now live at Box House,  Box Crescent,  Higher Boxness, Box BO0 0XX.  The big girl and small boy are in box heaven, whereas I am in unboxing purgatory hopefully ascending to box free heaven. And managing to resist not boxing my children’s ears when they tamper with my boxes.

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