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Both the husband’s mum and mine have long-term sicknesses.  At the moment both mothers are more ill than not; mine is in hospital for the third time in as many months and the husband’s isn’t faring much better.  I feel a long, long way from them.

The husband took the big girl over to the Netherlands for a weekend aimed to cheer Oma and Opa prior to a potentially nasty meeting this week at the hospital.  I think the mission was accomplished with the added by product of cycling induced exhaustion.  The weather was lovely and the Dutch contingent spent the weekend ‘op de fiets’ (on the bike, for those non dutch speakers).  I’d like you to note just how elegant and continentally chic Oma is even when viewed from the back.  Whereas I would look like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.  In fact I probably would have been though a hedge, mud and puddles both forwards and backwards in the pursuit of young children. 


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