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Playing in the rain

The weather has been hot and sultry.  Yesterday afternoon was just brewing for a storm to come and come it did. First the rumblings of thunder and a few flashes of lightning disguised in the clouds, followed by overhead roars and bangs that made the big girl jump and giggle.  Finally there was a deluge of huge rain; big, warm, fat raindrops.  And then it was gone as soon as it had come leaving a steaming road as the water evaporated in the heat.

Once the lightning had passed the big girl was out in the garden.  Leaping in the rain like a mad thing, splashing in the puddles, shrieking with joy, wearing nothing but a huge smile.


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Limbo land

Our flat is finally on the way to being sold.  Am I tempting fate writing this?   When bought our home, the husband and I meant for it to be just for a year or two until we moved back down south.  Five years, two children and one cat later we are finally, hopefully on the way to house hopping but definitely not to one nearer the equator.  Nope, just to a bigger house with a slightly bigger garden in more or less the same area.   The ideal hypothetical house would be just a bit nearer the park.  Or in an even more ideal world several hundred miles further down the road in a bit of rural Cornwall.  Hum, for ideal, please substitute unobtainable dream.

I brought my first-born home to this wee flat and the little man was born in the lounge where I am writing this now.  It is the first home we settled in having lived in a staggering number of rented and borrowed abodes in the ten or so years before we came here.  So it is still home and for us a special one at that.  But we are in that limbo land where we are here but looking forward to the new house … the one that isn’t legally ours yet but mentally is.  We are at that stage where the legal bits are taking so much longer than they should.  We thought a moving date of maybe June, now it’s probably July and we are praying it isn’t August.


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Things they have said

The big girl:

  1. You. Do. This. NOW.
  2. Daddy’s got a big one.
  3. He should really cook more often.  Daddy can cook, can’t he?  I didn’t know that.

The little boy:

  1. Hiyiyaaaaaa (hello)
  2. mu (most esteemed and loved mother)
  3. duh (father, giver of food and tickles)
They make me smile.

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