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Oops, was it really July I last wrote.

In excuse, among many other things, we were about to move about four times over the summer – the perils of being caught between a buyer desperate to buy and a seller doing bugger all to sell and changing her mind on multiple occasions.  But move we did, last Friday.  We now live at Box House,  Box Crescent,  Higher Boxness, Box BO0 0XX.  The big girl and small boy are in box heaven, whereas I am in unboxing purgatory hopefully ascending to box free heaven. And managing to resist not boxing my children’s ears when they tamper with my boxes.


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Erie’s playground

This afternoon we headed to a little playground near us.  The big girl named it Erie’s Playground after a little friend of hers who lived just round the corner from it but who has moved away.  It’s funny how intense and important these new baby friendships can be and then suddenly they stop through returning to work, moving locations or just plain moving on.

Three of my really close baby friends moved away.  One to Scotland, one to the US and one down south.  I keep periodic contact with them and see one when she heads this way.  In a way the fading of these friendships doesn’t matter as life just moves on and baby friends are joined by school yard friends.  But at that newborn time these people were so important to me.  They let me know it wasn’t just me, I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only one experiencing a complete life change with added sleepless nights, puke and poo.

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northern mumbles

Well here I am, uprooted some time ago (hum five years ago) from rural Cornwall to the urban north and still adjusting.  To the weather, chilly and windy, nuf’ said.  To the accent which is less of the ‘oh ma dear ma dot’ type and more of the ‘eee pet’ variety.  To the long and sad distance from family and friends and recognising the upside of becoming a fairly proficient traveler in planes, cars and trains with two young children – oh the joys of play dough and I spy.  To urban life and yet loving the glorious beaches and moors near where we live.  To the shock of having two tots, one of whom is not quite so little now, and the juggle of being a semiworking mum. 

My northern mumbling will, I suppose, be a blog of my incoherent muttering about motherhood and working, rural and urban, contentment and grumbles, a family snap shot in time, memories of the past and musing for the future.

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