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My two children are now often fairly good at night (why am I writing this and tempting fate?).  But I still feel knackered on a regular basis and it only takes a night or two of sleep depriving colds or poorliness to tip the finely balanced nocturnal scale and turn me into a knackered, grumpy mum.  Sound familiar anyone?

Added to this my husband is a snorer, particularly at times of stress.  So when the children are unsettled and the husband is snoring I long for a spare bed so that I can have an even half descent night’s sleep. 

Imagine my utter horror when I heard the distinct sound of snoring when pottering in the kitchen.  The husband had left for work so not him.  The only sleeper in the house was my wee boy.  Snoring his heart out, making the windows rattle, curled up angelically and fast asleep in his cot.  Like father, like son.


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