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Playing in the rain

The weather has been hot and sultry.  Yesterday afternoon was just brewing for a storm to come and come it did. First the rumblings of thunder and a few flashes of lightning disguised in the clouds, followed by overhead roars and bangs that made the big girl jump and giggle.  Finally there was a deluge of huge rain; big, warm, fat raindrops.  And then it was gone as soon as it had come leaving a steaming road as the water evaporated in the heat.

Once the lightning had passed the big girl was out in the garden.  Leaping in the rain like a mad thing, splashing in the puddles, shrieking with joy, wearing nothing but a huge smile.


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Spring is coming.  The washing is drying on the line (oh the domesticity), the tulips are budding, the daffs are blooming.

No longer will I slip and slide up icy path to nursery.  It was so darn icy and snowy this winter that I even considered buying crampons, much to the husband’s amusement.  Mind you, it didn’t help that he thought I was talking about some form of sanitary wear.  No longer will it take an infuriating extra fifteen minutes to bundle everyone in a ridiculous number of layers.  Fifteen minutes that could have been spent in bed getting an extra fifteen minutes of sleep or even at second best awake with a large mug of tea.  Not that I feel bitter.  No longer will the big girl be sent out into the chilly morning transformed into some mutant form of mini Michelin being.

Today was the first day I walked to nursery without a coat and the little boy even wore a sun hat.  I felt warm, I felt spring.  My mood feels so much better, though some members of the family would say it is still affected by the recent torture of sleep depriving snot filled colds and coughs.  I might even consider putting away the paraphernalia of chilliness – the hats, gloves, scarves (multiples of them all as they seem to get mislaid on a regular basis), the welly socks, the long johns (not mine I hasten to add), and the vests.  Is this just too hopeful?

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