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Things they have said

Big girl: ‘Help, they’re falling on my head’.  The fire works that is!

Small boy: ‘Shhh’ & ‘down’ to the dog.  His very first words after mum, dad and ‘row’ (for row row row your boat obviously).  Oh and ‘dag’ a dutch bye bye.  Truly a bilingual boy and dog whisperer.


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ET take two

The little man today farted loudly while sitting at breakfast.  As quick as a flash he gave an enormous smirk and then pointed straight at me, giggling hysterically.  Definitely like his father then, passing the windy blame.

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The little man’s favourite game is to point his index finger at you and babble hysterically until you touch your index finger to his in a very ET go home kind of style.  After that moment he whips his finger away and giggles madly.   Hours of endless fun.

The big girl is into sports day.  She watched a Charlie and Lola all about sports day and she is now practising the egg and spoon race repeatedly.  Roll on sports day

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