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Angelina Ballerina – does anyone else think she is really irritating and smug.  But the big girl loves these books and particularly pertinent at the moment is Angelina and the Royal Wedding (marketing ploy there anyone?).  In it she is not that nice to poor Henry, who, if I were him, would have left his big sister locked in the tower.  But some of the big girl’s favourites I do share – Fix It Duck for one, as we yodel very noisily along to the story.

In our semi bilingual household we now have a plethora of Dutch books including some of the husband’s books from when he was a child.  One book we return to again and again is Jip and Janneke, which has fantastic illustrations.  My Dutch is just about OK to read these short Dutch stories in a probably very mangled way but shortly the husband is going to have to take over the continental part of bed time stories.

The little man is very excited by books and loves turning the pages of  board and cloth books.  He has almost stopped eating books too … progress indeed.


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Mad days

The husband has been away most of the week AND this weekend.  I have been trying to get work stuff done, mend a vile cough, put together the paper work for our hoped for house move, manage the tots and ignore the chaos and dirt of our small home.  The little man has three molars coming through and the big girl is almost as grumpy as her brother.  She is not normally quite so foul unless she is brewing for an illness.

At the moment she is unwillingly tucked in bed listening to a book on my MP3 Player.  I discovered audio books at the library and they are such a hit, especially My Naughty Little Sister.  I remember these tales from when I was little and watched the big girl’s face as she was listening to them.  The expression of shock-horror at the character’s antics melded with look of hum maybe I can do that.  What can of worms have I opened.

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